You’re not alone if you experience this…

Hey friends,

I hear so many funny stories around the holidays. Holidays are laden with stress, strain, expectations and obligations. But, I’m here to reassure you – you’re not alone. 

You’re not alone if you worry that your uncle is going to say something really inappropriate to wreak havoc on your holiday meal. 

You’re not alone if you dread large gatherings.

You’re not alone if small talk makes you nauseous. 

You’re not alone if BIG talk – like politics, religion or money – make you want to run out of a room.

You’re not alone if you’re never sure what to wear. 

 Or what to say…

 Or how…

You’re not alone if you can’t remember everyone’s name.

You’re not alone if you hate turkey and gummy gravy. 

You’re not alone if you choose to celebrate the holidays with non-family members. 

You’re not alone if you’re scared to tell others what you’re struggling with during the holidays.

You’re not alone if you feel lonely. 

You’re not alone if holidays make you sad, despaired, hopeless or tired. 

You’re not alone if you’re trying to find meaning. 

You’re not alone. Your family is not abnormal. Your worries are not in isolation. That fight you had with your ex, that hurtful interaction you had with your mom, that difficult talk you had with your colleague, that frustrating chat you had with your brother – it’s ALL NORMAL. 

Instead of focusing on what’s not going well or right during the holidays, here are 3 pieces of practical advice to get you through:

  1. Be intentional. Choose when, where, what, and who you spend time with during the holidays. 
  2. Use a middle path. When something feels catastrophic either way, usually somewhere in the middle will suffice. This goes for conversations and cocktail attire, I promise. 
  3. Say no. No is a complete sentence. Keep repeating this until January 2. 

That’s all for now friends. Tell me, what else do your heart and mind need to make it through the holidays?

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With compassion,

Dr. Amy