Finding Community to Heal


In case you missed it, you can still watch the recording of last week’s workshop. Already watched? Please forward this to a colleague who needs to hear the messages in there! It was truly soul-shifting – I saw folks in tears due to validation and support. And so many great questions and comments endorsing how much we need community right now. 

A 2017 study summarized 40 reviews on the public health consequences of lonlieness. Loneliness impacts our overall health, well-being, and longevity. And in medicine, it’s more prevalent than ever. Often, because of the culture of performance, professionals in healthcare have a deepened sense of not belonging and isolation. So, here’s what I want you to do: 

Commit to connection today!   

All humans are wired for connection. We cannot survive without it.  

  1. Reach out by text or email or phone to check-in with someone and let them know they matter and you are there for them. It might just save a life. 
  2. Stop for a moment and say hi to yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back for simply making it through all you’ve gone through. Notice what comes up. 
  3. Find an affinity group through your organization or online – being with folks that have similar experiences feels less isolating. 
  4. Join a community like The Provider Lounge – as of last week, we’re welcoming new members into our learning collaborative. It’s an incredible group that gathers monthly, via zoom, to create a trauma-informed community and learn tools to build resilience for patients. 

Ya’ll – stress, overwhelm and burnout are real and I’m here for you. And so is an entire community of like-minded physicians waiting for YOU, in this community where we’re combatting burnout through connection with colleagues, showing up for each other every month. I like to say, “Come for the content, stay for the community!”  

I was speaking with a physician today who said to me, “We’re SO GREAT at asking for resources and taking care of our patients. But we’re LOUSY at it for ourselves.”  

This sounds like every physician I know right now, so I’m thinking it may resonate with you.  

Want to hear more?  

The Provider Lounge: A Learning Collaborative to Build Resilience provides an opportunity to: 

  • Bridge the gap for unmet mental health needs of your patients
  • Gain CME 
  • Monthly coaching with peers 
  • Learn more about tools of trauma-informed medicine 
  • Answer the question “NOW WHAT?” in response to how to respond to trauma and adversity 
  • PLUS!  
    • Specialized meetings for Behavioral Health Consultants 
    • Monthly workshops for YOUR patients AND 
    • An online portal chalk-full of resources, tangible interventions, videos and scripts. 

Yes, it’s important to be a physician who’s trauma-responsive. But I already know how compassionate you are – you’re in it and you’re doing it! What this community provides is a safe space to ask tough questions, gain resources, and learn new tools to incorporate into your practice NOW. All while gaining CME and, if we’re honest, a touch of therapy.   

The NUMBER ONE thing I hear from physicians in this community: I feel less burned out.  

The increased confidence, community and competence around recognizing trauma (in yourself and in your patients) and responding with efficacious approaches leads to less overwhelm – and therefore, less burnout. Resilience is built for you, in community, over time, in our monthly meetings, with your colleagues. A confidential space where it’s ok to “not know,” be curious, and lean into support.  

Join us! Questions about The Provider Lounge or want to learn more about bringing it to your organization? Let’s chat

With compassion,

Dr. Amy