Burnout? Not News to You


The AMA, in partnership with the Mayo Clinic and several other esteemed research institutes, published an article this week about the alarming rate of physician burnout. Here are the facts:
The researchers also found out that the rate of work/life integration dropped 16%. Also, physician suicide is on the rise with the best estimate between 3-400 physicians/year taking their lives. 

Perhaps this is not news to you. You’re feeling it in your bones. If that’s the case, you’re not alone.

I won’t waste your time, so let’s just cut to the chase. 

Please join me in two weeks when we tackle practical ways to handle overwhelm. I hope systemic change is coming. I hope physicians and healthcare providers will rise up and say, NO MORE. I know you’re resilient and that asking you to engage in more self-care isn’t what you need. Until then, we MUST be in communities of support and take advantage of the help and practical tools to decrease overwhelm that leads to burnout. 

I promise it’s not about performative self-care – we’ll talk about:

How overwhelm leads to burnout and how it’s different than everyday stress
5 practical tools to address overwhelm
Why patients are so darn complex right now
Ways to find joy inside and outside of work
Where to begin

I’ll see you soon. In the meantime, take a listen to my podcast! Thanks for letting me support you – 

With compassion for all you do,

Dr. Amy