Who’s rooting for you?


Take a look at this photo! It’s over 90 degrees outside – hot and dusty with no breeze. He’s charging out of the box on his horse, string in his mouth, rope outstretched as he throws to catch his calf. It’s SO MUCH to put together. He practices for hours. Besides the sheer grit and determination on this young cowboy’s face (my son!), look behind him. All of those kids, trainers, and peers? They’re ALL ROOTING FOR HIM. Every single one of them hopes he catches that calf. They look on with anticipation, hope, and a sense of urgency – “COME ON JACK!” Even the announcer in the crow’s nest wants to celebrate him. And the cool thing? Even if he misses, they celebrate him. They’re celebrating the effort. The sheer determination and dedication to a sport where you often miss – no accolades, no awards. 

Does this sound familiar? 

In the absence of accolades, we all need someone rooting for us, win or lose. 

There’s been so much loss over the last few years – loss of colleagues to burnout, loss of patients, loss of hope and dedication to jobs once coveted, loss of authority, loss of determination. 

Who’s rooting for you through loss? Who’s helping you hold onto your purpose?

We all need a little more community right now. The gang behind us cheering for our success – and not success with a blue ribbon, or money, or star power – success for trying, for our efforts, for our sheer perseverance. 

I want you to think about this – who are your people in your corner, rooting for you? Have you told them? And who’s corner are you in? Do they know? Tell someone today that you believe in them. You never know what a difference it could make. 

Please join me in a few weeks to honor you. You’ll learn 5 Steps to address overwhelm today – 5 practical tools so that we have less loss and more support in this space. 

I’ll be in your corner, rooting for you!

With compassion,

Dr. Amy