Podcast Palooza!!

Ya’ll – have you checked it out?? The Most Important Medicine podcast? It’s been such an incredible journey! 

The podcast began as a commitment to provide free, accessible information regarding trauma-informed practices in medicine. This podcast presents an opportunity to learn about how trauma presents across a variety of settings. If you’ve ever heard me present, then you know I often joke that my hope is to be “out of a job” and that every person that touches the life of a child is trauma-informed and trained in resilience-building interventions. 

In just the first 6 episodes, we’ve covered a lot! Pick a topic of interest to you and take a listen! 

Episodes 1, 2 & 4 are all about my commitment, focus and background regarding why this podcast is important. I want you to know that being aware of how trauma presents is absolutely possible and does NOT have to be intimidating or overwhelming. Episodes 3, 5 & 6 feature my first three guests: 

Episode 3: Dr. Ginsberg is a resiliency expert who focuses on building trauma awareness in medicine, establishing tools and resources for providers, and shifting the lens from what is “wrong” with patients to what is “good and right” with them.  

Episode 4: Listen to Dr. Guy Mcpherson talk about the importance of bringing “humanbeingness” into our work. Guy is the host of the popular podcast The Trauma Therpist Podcast and brings so much insight into our work. 

Episode 5: Take a trip to rural medicine with Dr. Eric Wiser. He dives into how boundaries and being with folks in rural settings presents an opportunity for intimacy and compassion. 

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Catch you on the podcast!