Do the brave thing


I did a brave thing. 

In preparing for my upcoming podcast launch, I made a list of 3 incredibly well-known physicians to invite as a special guest for a kickoff party. I was terrified because this is a new project for me and even the best of us get imposter syndrome at times. But, I’m passionate about creating a space where providers can share their stories and normalize talking about trauma and stress – for themselves and for their patients. And, for them to begin to answer the question – now that I know about trauma, what do I DO for myself and my patients to address it?

So, I took a deep breath and sent my emails. Two didn’t even respond. Nada. Nothing. I was like, “Oh geez, I shouldn’t be doing this. This is going to fail. No one is going to listen.” But, something inside me told me, “This is important. This message is critical.” So, I continued to be patient and wait. Then, one physician responded with a resounding – “I’d love to” – and I exhaled. He was interested, excited, and supportive. 

Won’t you join me and Dr. Ken Ginsberg Wednesday night (THIS WEEK!!) as we talk about creating resilience? He’s a pediatrician who’s written numerous books on creating resilience as a way to mitigate trauma and stress for children and families. And, I’m honored to have him as my guest for my new podcast: The MOST Important Medicine: Responding to Trauma and Creating Resilience in Primary Care

Please come! All are welcome. Let’s celebrate ways to normalize talking about trauma so that physicians and patients feel less alone. One brave story at a time. 

You can listen to the promotional episode now! And then join us Wednesday evening because you won’t want to miss out on Dr. Ginsberg’s insights and be entered for a chance to win one of 2 Spafinder gift cards! What’s a party without prizes?

Oh, are there certain questions you’d like answered by Dr. Ginsberg about creating resilience in children and families? Shoot me an email! 

See you soon,

Dr. Amy