Come Party with US!

Friends and colleagues, 

We have a party to plan! On August 3, our podcast, The Most Important Medicine: Responding to Trauma and Creating Resilience in Primary Care will officially launch! I cannot begin to tell you the journey my team and I have been on creating this podcast. First, I had no idea how to record and launch a podcast. You could literally see steam coming out of my head as I tried to figure out Garage Band on my Mac. And Zoom? I’m all about zoom, but putting Zoom together with other applications – goodness, did I mention I’m a psychologist and NOT a tech expert? Well, after a steep learning curve, plus the help of my incredible team, we’re launching! Anything, and I mean anything that looks beautiful on the platform, my webpage, Buzzsprout, etc…that’s because of my amazing team, specifically my project coordinator, Tegan. Second, I really struggled with YET.ANOTHER.PODCAST in this world. I mean, really? But as I scoured the sources of podcast worlds, I could find nothing like it. It seems that nothing like this exists – a space for providers in healthcare to gather, share stories about trauma and resilience, and gain education and resources for themselves and their patients – all within reach of their earbuds? So, I feel like we’re uniquely positioned to create a space where this magic can all come together. I simply want to create a space and disseminate incredible, relatable information. 

So, this is your official invitation to join us for our launch. 

WHAT: The Most Important Medicine: Responding to Trauma and Creating Resilience in Primary Care

WHO: If you’re a provider or a patient – THIS MEANS ALL OF US – you should tune in and celebrate! Providers because this is THE space to be and patients because you need your healthcare provider to know about this! 


WHEN: August 3, 6 pm, PST

WHY: Because parties are fun AND because understanding and responding to trauma is, truly, THE most important medicine! 

Oh, and if joining us for a virtual party isn’t reason enough, because I get you and who wants to be on another zoom call, here are two more reasons:

  1. We’ll draw for TWO Spafinder gift cards, each $75.00 and you must be present to win.
  2. We have a special guest – we’ll be announcing this incredible person a week prior, stay tuned!

 We’ll see you in a few weeks!

Another reminder – if you’re not joining us for The Provider Lounge, you’re missing out b/c we were just approved for CME – yep, you can check out that newsletter here.

With compassion for all you do!

Dr. Amy