Busy AND Intentional

I have been extremely busy lately.

I don’t know about you, but it seems that kids families, and adults are more complex than we have seen as professionals in a long time. There are lots of reasons for this (I’d love to hear your hunches) but suffice to say that between COVID, isolation, distance learning, lack of resources for mental health, compounding stressors of politics, climate concerns, and more attention being paid to gun violence and legislation, people are in various stages of trauma responses.

I think trauma is an accurate term right now. It’s more than overwhelm. It’s greater than burnout. And it’s beyond workforce wellness. And, believe me, I’ve talked A LOT about those topics over the past many months. People are traumatized. There’s a great deal of sensitivity and hyperarousal in our communities right now.

So, because I tend to respond to stress by searching for purposeful tools, I want to tell you about a few things I’ve been working on lately.

1.) There are new resources on my webpage – check them out! Resources for boundaries and creating cultures of trust are now available to download for free! Please share with colleagues.

2.) You’re invited to join us at The Provider Lounge: A Community to Build Resilience. Your first month is ALWAYS free! After that, we have a paid membership program so that I can better serve you.

  • The Provider Lounge is where trauma-informed education meets “now what” interventions. It’s a library of tools, resources, videos and prescriptive Cards for Connection to use at EVERY well visit prenatally through early adulthood. 
  • We meet every month, on zoom, for 60 minutes of didactic, consultation, and community.
  • Even better – we’re almost approved for CME – it’s a win-win!

I look forward to the monthly provider lounge. Dr. Amy has very practical positive ideas, insights, and strategies that are helpful both for my patients and for me. 
Jennifer Bass, MD, Provider Lounge Member

3.) I’m creating a flow chart for how to respond to the complexity that we’re all seeing right now. More that next week! Stay tuned.

And finally, a BIG announcement – I’m starting a podcast for all of you in August. What??? Ok, I know everyone is doing it right now but when you come for the podcast launch on August 3rd at 6:00 PM (pssst, mark your calendars and an official invite is forthcoming!), I’ll share with you WHY now is the best time for this particular podcast and you’ll get to see an interview with a VERY SPECIAL GUEST.

So, two questions – what resource are you going to check out this week? And who else are you sharing this amazing information with so that they can benefit you too?

Have a great week,

Dr. Amy