Happy Mother’s Day

I wanted to reach out today to say a belated Happy Mother’s Day! 

To ALL the mamas out there. 
Those who show up and those who struggle.
To those who feel like superheroes and those who barely get out of bed.
To moms that are grieving, moms who’ve lost, and moms who’ve prayed for babies that never came. 
To mamas who mother other’s babies.
To the mamas who rock their babies.
To the mamas and sisters and aunties and Grammies who raise strong, whole-hearted kids.
To working mamas and working-at-home mamas.
To single mamas.
To moms with one kiddo and moms with many.
To mamas who worry all night and moms who are easy-going.
To mamas who foster, mamas who adopt, mamas who birth, and mamas who hope.
To breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, organic feeding, farm-living, city dwelling, suburb living, big homes, tiny homes, shared homes, and beautiful multigenerational homes.
To mamas who are figuring this out because they had no model.
To the mamas that read all the books.
To the mamas this feels like second nature for.
To moms who stand confidently in their shoes and moms who question every move.
To mamas doing this for decades and mamas doing this for days. 

I see you. I believe in you. I know you’re trying every day. It’s hard. It’s thankless. It’s overwhelming and exhausting and glorifying. It’s everything you ever wanted and nothing you could have ever imagined. It’s laughing and crying and dreaming. 

To all of you who are moms and those who are not… celebrate a woman who raised you and loved you unconditionally. 

With compassion,

Dr. Amy