So many words!

Hello Friends, 

Well, last week’s newsletter was a hit! And so reflective for many of you. Thank you for taking the time to respond with thoughtful ideas. So many of you offered your words and contemplations regarding this activity. Here were some highlights:

  • Pause
  • Balance
  • New
  • Thoughtful Purpose
  • Anchor
  • Essential


I wanted to highlight one particular reflection that stood out to me. This particular word gave me goosebumps, made me pause and helped me realize we ALL need this word, especially now!

ESSENTIAL. I chose it to remind me that I always have a choice in how I think, what I say, what I do, and how I choose to spend my time and talents.  I will focus on things that I find essential: self-care, joy, letting things go, not worrying about what others think about me, how I spend my money, and even what foods I decide to eat and how I take care of my body.  Only that which is ESSENTIAL will be my focus. 

Friends, do you feel me? This statement from a subscriber really had an impact on me. There are so many stressors in our lives right now and so many of you have told me that, amidst this pandemic, the situation feels hopeless. Let’s focus on what is essential. I love this so much!

I’m continuing to reflect and have added another phrase to my list: nourishing relationships. Doesn’t that sound paramount? So often, we give of ourselves in relationships that are not reciprocal. We do so out of obligation, promise, and social expectations. But we don’t often take inventory of relationships that are not giving back to us, not nourishing, and not give-and-take.

Those relationships that are energy-depleting and soul-sucking need to be reconsidered and at the very least, balanced with nourishing, shared meaningful connections.

That’s where I’m at this week. Others? More thoughts and phrases?

Thanks for continuing to share.

With compassion,

Dr. Amy