Provider Edition: With Gratitude


This is a quick note to all of you. During this week of gratitude and giving thanks, I wanted to give something back to all of you. Over the past many months, so many of you have reached out and trusted me with your stories of overwhelm. Stories of compassion fatigue. Stories of self-doubt, frustration, optimism and distraught. Thank you for trusting me as a colleague and professional who holds that space with you.

Above I’ve attached the recent workshop that I gave for medical providers. So, even if you didn’t register, or if you weren’t able to attend, it’s here for you. Watch, listen, throw on ear buds and walk. Whatever works for you. It’s about 45 minutes on how to address burnout and overwhelm. My hope is that it offers a few nuggets of insight and, then, perhaps your heart can rest with less angst as we head into holidays.

With immense gratitude and partnership,

Dr. Amy