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Provider Edition: Find your pacesetter & a FREE workshop for you!

November 16, 2021

Hey friends,

Have you heard of the term “pacesetter?” If you’ve entered running races, swimming events, biking races, or the like, you’ve probably heard about pacesetters in that context. A pacesetter is a person who does exactly that: sets the pace for others. In a moment, I’m going to make the argument that I can be your pacesetter for navigating stress and decreasing burnout, but more on that later. In a large race, you’ll find a person holding a sign or leading a group with a paced time on it. Before high-tech gear, a pacesetter would have one of those sandwich board that said “10 min mile” and would encourage others who aspired to run a 10-minute mile to run with them, assuring a finishing time that met their goals. See where I’m going here? And, by the way, don’t judge me for running a 10-minute mile as a reference point. 10 minute miles get the job done! But I digress…

What we’re all going through as helpers during the middle of the pandemic is nothing short of an ultra-marathon. Not a 5K or 10K as we initially thought. Heck, this pandemic isn’t even a marathon…but an ultra-marathon. We’re going to need more than good sneakers, Gu and some inspirational beats to get through all of this. We need a pacesetter. May I be your pacesetter?

You see, as medical providers, you’re trained to put on a brave face and help others, even during the most trying times. But the last year and a half have been exhausting. Am I right? And it’s difficult to find respite, purpose, and sift through all of the messages of self-care. How are you supposed to do that while running a clinic, seeing patients, taking care of your staff, and rolling out vaccines? I’m here to help.

I am hosting a workshop this week– to give you practical tools to feel less burned out so you can practice meaningful medicine. As soon as the pandemic hit, I began reaching out to medical providers, clinics, and hospitals about how I might help. I spoke with medical directors in tears, providers in panic, and distraught colleagues. I knew we had to focus on practical tools to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and see this as an ultra-marathon if we were going to make it through intact.

Earlier in this newsletter series, we began with acknowledgment. Acknowledgment begins a healing process. Then we moved into support and resources. And now, as we begin to reconcile with what we’ve been through (and still have curveballs thrown at us) and what we continue to go through, we need ways to navigate the uncertainty of primary care. We need practical tools and actionable next steps to make sense of what’s happening and clear the way for a meaningful path forward.

Here’s exactly what we’ll be covering in the webinar if you join me:

  • Recognizing the signs of burnout
  • Understanding compounding stress and its effect on us
  • Practical tools to address overwhelm
  • Actionable tools to deal with uncertainty
  • Ways to find purpose
  • Moving into community


The workshop will take place this Wednesday, November 10th at 6:00 pm PST. Register at

Come and run a 10-minute mile with me! Or just come, drink wine and listen. It’s better in company!

With compassion,

Dr. Amy

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