Provider Edition: Creating community in The Provider Lounge


Holy smokes, have I got news for you. I’ve officially launched a provider-centric, incredible community gathering space to address burnout for you and build resilience for your patients. It’s called The Provider Lounge: A Community to Build Resilience. It’s part content, part community and it’s going to be fantastic and I don’t want you to miss out!

Here’s what I know for sure – you’ll change inside this community. You’re probably already reading these newsletters because you’ve worked with me, attended a workshop, come to a lunch & learn, or been part of my retreat. And what everyone leaves with, after working with me, is wanting more. Attendees have literally said, “Where do I get my own, personal Dr. Amy?” Well, this is your chance! My skills of creating community, script-building, practical interventions, and easy-to-learn tools that will build buffering sources for you and your patients are all wrapped up in this opportunity – monthly content AND community in The Provider Lounge.

I know you want to feel less overwhelmed and more purposeful in your work. I know you feel burnout at times. And I know your goal is to connect more meaningfully with patients and respond to their stress, trauma, and adversity with actionable next steps. But, that takes time and implementation.

Let me help you. We’ll work together, in community, and over time you’ll feel like a resilience ninja! Come to monthly meetings, ask questions and dive into content. It’s all here for you in The Lounge.

Would you like to:

  • Engage with a community of like-minded peers
  • Reduce your own professional burnout
  • Learn point-of-care resilience building tools that can be used in 2-5 minutes?
  • Gain access to a growing library of resources for facilitation of this work
  • Have access to a seasoned developmental psychologist?


If so, The Provider Lounge is for YOU!

If you sign up by Friday, November 19, you’re in at the founding member’s price AND I’m going to give you access to my transformational parenting course, The Art of Imperfect Parenting. The founding member’s price is yours forever. As The Provider Lounge grows in resources, number and authority, your price stays the same! And, if you don’t love it, you can cancel at any time.

Join us – come for the content, stay for the community. Find a soft place to land in The Provider Lounge.

With kindness,

Dr. Amy