Busy Bee

Whew! I’ve been a busy-bee the last several weeks. Last week marked the first-ever conference I hosted at The Farm. Twenty-two medical providers joined me and we talked about ways to transform primary care through resilience-building and meaningful connections. And, to make it even more magical, 100% of our participants had been vaccinated, so we had a mask-free event. It was invigorating, restful, connecting and intentional. We filled our hearts, our minds and our bodies with nourishment.

Here’s a few photos to capture the event.


I want to shout out a special thanks to my incredible team for making this happen. Even more thanks to my family for tolerating me while we prepared and I hosted this incredible event. And all of my love and gratitude to my fiancé, Ryan, who mulched, trimmed, mowed, planted, cleaned and prepared every acre of our farm.

And to the providers who joined me on this epic adventure – my immense gratitude and fondness. You are trailblazers for transforming primary care.

Are we doing this again? Yes! This fall, September 29-October 1. And, if you want more information or to join the waitlist, just email my team doctoramyllc@gmail.com

With compassion,

Dr. Amy