Happy Mother’s Day!


I want to give a big shout out to ALL the mamas out there with this gentle reminder from an amazing writer, E. Maloku. Even though Mother’s Day has passed, it’s an important reminder that there is space for all of us.

As Mother’s Day is approaching, remember that there is room for the mothers who are grieving their relationships with their others, women who can’t conceive and women who have faced loss.

There is also room for mothers who have waited to be a mother and are so excited to celebrate their first Mother’s Day. Mothers who are so happy to have a day for their self. Mothers who have only had positive experiences with this day.

While we can be sensitive to situations, don’t minimize your feelings no matter where you land this year. There is room for all feelings and experiences.

So, no matter where you find yourself in mother-land, know there is space for you and that you are celebrated.

I spent the day gardening, getting my toes painted and letting my family cook a randomly concocted meal without me. It was delicious – and, by that, I mean the whole day!

Sending you love,

Dr. Amy