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My hope is to be out of a job…

April 27, 2021


Every time I provide a training, I tell participants, “My hope is to be out of a job.” Not because I don’t love what I do; but because I work with a great deal of trauma and provide training and consultation to parents and professionals about childhood adversity, complex trauma and building resilience. I tell them, “I want every single person who interacts in the life a child to be trained in how to recognize childhood stress and trauma; and I want them trained in how to build resilience to mitigate harm.”

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. In lieu of my typical newsletter, I’m leaving you with a few resources and link to an interview I recently completed with KGW news and Morgan Romero. The interview has some brief actionable tips for parents that feel overwhelmed.

I hope you find these resources helpful.

My interview with Morgan Romero from KGW:

Local Child Abuse Assessment Centers you can support in our area.

They are all of our children.

With compassion,

Dr. Amy

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