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Birthday Gratitude

November 2, 2020

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I’m adding a little bonus to our series on connection by taking on my birthday to express gratitude. I have so many beautiful connections in my life – personal and professional. Some connections have been heart-breaking, some life-changing, and others soul-lifting. But every connection has mattered.

It’s important to celebrate birthdays. Why? Not for self-promotion or random social media wishes, but truly sit in gratitude.

I’m grateful 45 years. Yes, 45….all things banana clips, neon socks, aqua net hairspray and Bon Jovi.
I’m grateful for lessons.
I’m grateful for my heart being broken, my heart being repaired, and my heart finding love.
I’m grateful for friends that have inspired me, hurt me, forgiven me, picked me up and held space for me.
I’m grateful for dark chocolate and raspberries.
I’m grateful I can move my body and sweat.
I’m grateful for my family that is loyal and my friends who’ve become family.
I’m grateful my mom gave birth to me this day 45 years ago and taught me what it means to be loved unconditionally.
I’m grateful my dad fell in love with me at 18 months so I could experience the love from a dad that all girls need.
I’m grateful to experience my children who make me crazy and laugh and joyful and remind me of my purpose every day.
I’m grateful to have experienced true love and the safety within a relationship where I feel honored and protected.
I’m grateful for a career that makes me feel passionate and dedicated.
I’m grateful for puppy kisses, coffee, pinot noir, and cream cheese frosting.

So, friends, I’m grateful for another trip around the sun. I’m grateful for my birthday.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

With gratitude,

Dr. Amy

PS – I don’t know where you’re at with the election (which is the day this newsletter will come out) but I wish you peace. I know I’ll be nervous on election day and I stand with all of you and hold space for how overwhelming this political year has been for all of us.

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