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Special Teacher Edition: What’s an Edu-stay-cation?

June 16, 2020

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Educator friends – Whew! Have you felt the collective sigh? Or, are you still feeling the tension of spring? If you haven’t already read my recent post about how to say goodbye to your students, it’s not too late to read it here.

Are you feeling relieved?

Burnt out?

Overwhelmed with unknowns?

Worried about students?




Are you needing some re-fueling for your soul?

Would you benefit from camaraderie?

How about sun, wine and compassionate colleagues?

Would it feel good to have some self-care within a community of teachers?


I feel you. Making it through this spring was hard for so many of you. There were (and continue to be) so many unknowns. I met and spoke with teachers and administrators in tears. I saw your posts of worry, inspiration, overwhelm and laughter with students. 


I know you’ve put everything aside this spring to take care of your students, and now, it’s time to take care of you!


Please join me for an upcoming retreat – where wellness meets education and collaboration. Think of it like an edu-stay-cation….self-care will be balanced with learning and community. You are going to get re-set before you enter back into what is sure to be a tumultuous learning experience this fall. Before you can venture back into so many unknowns, let’s refuel and prepare ourselves for the unpredictable.


Our content will focus on what it takes to create resilient children, thriving classrooms and systemic leadership that creates change in schools. You’ll receive support and guidance for both within-class techniques as well as system-wide shifts. Information will be practical and actionable in your classrooms right away. And you’ll become a champion for resilience-building in the classroom and beyond. 


But this 2-day intensive is also just as much about self-care. In order to be compassionate educators who champion for children, you must first be whole. We’ll have tough discussions and inspiring conversation. We’ll move our bodies, feed our tummies and fuel our minds for two and half days together. If you haven’t met me before, please know I lead with wisdom, humor, transparency and LOTS of relatable stories. Plus, I’m a great facilitator for rich conversations. 




What about COVID? We’ve got you covered! The retreat will take place outdoors, on my private farm in the wine country. We’re capping our registration at 45 attendees and will keep social distancing guidelines in mind to ensure that we have a safe, open-air environment for everyone.


Please email me and let me know what questions you have because space is limited and seats will fill. Who would want to miss out on two and a half days in wine country surrounded by like-minded educators and inspiring information?


Let’s learn together,


Dr. Amy

PS – If you’re an administrator and would like to sponsor a teacher to participate, let me know. With a lot of budgets getting cut, perhaps you need to create one or two champions for your school. Or, if you have a large group of teachers who want a special, individualized training, let me know that too! We can be creative and find ways to meet your needs, create a community of champions at your schools, and work with your budget.

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