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Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline with a Twist!

January 8, 2020


Happy 2020!!
I reviewed your requests for content that you submitted last year and I’m beginning to create a calendar for a NEW blog series. Thanks to so many of you who submitted ideas, I truly want this series to be meaningful for all of you!
So, we’re going to kick off the year with our first series: Positive Discipline, but with a Dr. Amy twist, of course! Many of you are familiar with the concept of positive discipline, but perhaps not from this frame of reference, so stay tuned. I want us to begin thinking of discipline from a compassionate lens and from a lens rooted in best practices that support meaningful connection and secure attachments for children. Here’s what our series will look like:
Week One: Reframing Discipline. What does this REALLY mean?
Week Two: Let’s be NERDY with discipline: Discipline from a Neurobiological Perspective
Week Three: Your Parenting Style? Hint: I’m going to transform you into an LHA (You’ll find out what this is soon!)
Week Four:  When We Lose our S*&%! Ruptures and Repairs – How to Truly Repair
Week Five: Reader Spotlights and Questions
So, here’s what I need from YOU in the comments:
If you’re a parent – what are the toughest behavioral challenges you face? Age. Behavior. Frustration.
If you’re a medical provider or behavioral health provider – What’s the trickiest behavior you’re most often questioned about or asked to solve?
If you’re a teacher – oh my gosh, shout out to teachers who are taking our kids back from sleep-deprived, sugar filled, schedules-be-damned houses – What behaviors are most challenging for you?
Got it? I want to hear from you!

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