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May 25 through May 27, 2022

There’s a current gap in knowledge between “what trauma is” and “what to do to address trauma.”


— Pediatrician and training attendee

 "I need my own personal Dr. Stoeber!"

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Re-Set Your Practice

Transform Your Interactions with Patients

Learn Practical Tools from Other Providers


Beginnings - May 25th
FROM 12:30PM TO 4:30PM

Come for a day to learn about how far we've come with ACEs research in the past 20 years. Find out how trauma affects specific populations such as children in foster care, medically complex patients, patients with substance abuse disorders, and disproportionality of ACES in minority populations.

Discuss updates from the National Traumatic Stress Network and learn about additional metrics to consider when screening for adversities.

Day 1

Find out how other physicians are documenting adversities & intervention in the EHR and using new screening measures to uncover and address ACEs. Let's have a transparent discussion about insights and barriers when screening for social determinants of health. 

Expert Insight 

How does trauma present in patients? What's the latest research telling us? This part of our day will focus on how to spot the signs and symptoms of trauma with patients and families in the exam room.

Neurobiology Know-How!

We will use case study to practice exam-room dialogue so that you can infuse fresh, impactful, connection-building, and empowering language into your interactions with patients and your team.

Compassion-Informed Care in Action!

Day 2 - May 26th
from 8:30am to 4:15pm

At the end of day one, we'll begin to pull together what we've learned so far by beginning to discuss features of resilience. Learn the 7 C's of Resilience and how to begin conversations in your clinic. Also, discuss how implementing these practices will begin to transform the culture of your practice.

Wrap It Up! 

Learn about the biggest barrier to self-care: self-compassion. Let's explore how we might find self-compassion to create transformation in our practices. 

Expert Insight

You're the most important ingredient - we will work in small groups and pairs to collaborate and hone these intervention skills while also extending these concepts to bolster your own resilience.

It's Really About You! 

Learn and practice 3-5 minute, trauma-informed, efficacious interventions that can be used during appointments.

Resilience On the Fly

Day 3 - May 27th
from 8:30am to 4:15pm*

Let's chat about tough cases. Our wrap-up will use case study to pull our 2 days together. If you have particular cases to focus on - let's tackle those first!

Wrap It Up! 

*Optional Wine Reception afterwards


Chehalem Ridge Bed & Breakfast - A beautiful Bed & Breakfast located only 7 minutes from The Farm.

The Allison Inn & Spa in Newberg - The Allison is beautiful and romantic. And Jory Restaurant is a favorite of mine!

Hampton Inn - A full-service hotel located only 15-minutes away from The Farm. 

Here are some recommendations by dr. amy:


Target Audience: Medical Providers, Mid-level Providers, Behavioral Health Professionals, and Medical Leadership

Location: The Farm, Newberg, OR 97132

Cost: $1247 (early bird pricing ends April 29, 2022)

Gourmet Food - Catered meals and local wines.

Direct Instruction - Dr. Amy will provide curriculum overview on trauma, resilience, and efficacious interventions.

Expert Insight - Learn from other providers about how they are utilizing screening tools for ACES and resilience-building strategies in their practices.

Small Groups - Practice interventions within a small group setting. Multiple opportunities to collaborate and consult on cases.

Resources - Get access to handouts and resources to take back to your practices. PDFs & scripts included.

Wellness Activities - Morning “Wellness Walk” around Dr. Amy’s farm on Day 1 and Optional Yoga on Day 2.



Providers will understand how trauma manifests through behavior. 

Providers will understand how trauma presents itself from the perspective of neurobiology – that structural brain changes are an adaptive process as a result of trauma.    

Providers will gain understanding in how resilience mitigates the effects of trauma. 

Providers will gain understanding and practical tools around efficacious resilience interventions that can be used in office.  

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early bird pricing ends April 29, 2022

 - Pediatrician and training attendee

"This training was the most valuable CME experience I have ever had, hands down."