Tell me your story

I know we’re well beyond April (April is Carry a Poem in Your Pocket Month!), but given the response to last week’s newsletter, I thought I might share a poem. It’s not mine, but one that was shared by a friend, Dr. Joe Sherman, a physician and coach with whom I facilitate a weekly group to support physicians in Physician’s Anonymous (P.A.). Every week, in P.A., we encourage physicians to bring their “whole selves” and last week’s newsletter was a reminder to share vulnerabilities. When we share stories, we invite other people to connect with us and share theirs. This bridges the connection from YOU and ME to US – through shared experiences. 

So, this week, I leave you with Jane O’Shea. Jane O’Shea is a writer/poet from New Zealand. This is from her book Follow Yourself Home – word remedies to heal and inspire.

Tell me a story
Tell me your story

Tell me how you got here
The roads that led to this moment
Take me to the crossroads
Show me the paths you chose

Walk me along your treasured tracks
The tough mountains you have crossed
Show me the signposts that pointed the way
And the dead ends that left you almost defeated

And along the way, show me your summer picnic places
where happy memories still sit in the sun smiling
Share with me your secret places
where you sheltered when you were lost and adrift
Tell me, of the people you loved and have left their sweet mark
and the ones whose harshness hollowed out your heart

Recount to me all your stories
So I can know
what it was that made you.
Why some things soften your face
and others catch your breath and your eyes say no

Tell me the story
Tell me your story


Will you share this newsletter and poem with a friend or colleague? Invite them to share their story with you. 

And, I’d love to hear a story about connection from you! This week, I’m making lots of connections at Camp UKANDU – I can’t wait to share more next week.