Sights not commonly seen

Hey Friends,

Oh goodness, I looked out my window today and what did I see? Our two sheep happily grazing in our yard. The wind must have blown open a gate. I could have rushed out to move them back to their pasture, but they seemed perfectly content. So, I’m sipping coffee and watching them enjoy the lush grass of a different pasture – our yard. This is a sight not commonly seen!

There are TWO learning opportunities below – if you’re interested in a VIP experience, scroll down below! 

You know what else is a sight not commonly seen? Trauma-informed work spaces. It’s truly my vision that EVERY organization knows the continuum of trauma-informed work and recognizes how trauma may present in the people we serve. Not only that – that folks know what TO DO to address trauma and actively resist re-traumatizing individuals and groups.  

Learning Opportunity ONE – on your own

On that note, here’s the first bit of awareness and work. In honor of Black History Month, I’d like to highlight great work, that is trauma-informed, being done by incredible leaders – please check them out!

  • Dr. Alicia Moreland-Capuia was recently interviewed on my podcast. She does incredible social justice work through Harvard’s McClean Center. This past year, she and co-authors published an article on Trauma-Informed, Culturally Responsive Systems. Check it out! Her work is trailblazing trauma-informed, culturally responsive systems. It’s now part of the bedrock of my trainings on trauma-informed care. 
  • Bahia Overton – this woman has her own skin care company AND is the director of the Black Parent Initiative. If you want to see trauma-informed work at its finest and as a way to support parents, holy smokes, she’s amazing! You can check her out on the podcast here too! Also, the Doula services provided by BPI that are culturally sensitive and trauma-responsive inspire what can be done in medicine to help black mothers! 
  • Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice seeks to create healthy, resilient communities and families. Their board and advisors are a beautifully brilliant and diverse group of justice-seekers. Their goal is to increase awareness and advocacy. Wanna check out their advocacy series? Here you go!

Learning Opportunity TWO – in community

Here’s another way to enjoy trauma-informed workspaces: At the farm! I’m putting together a VIP experience for physicians and PCPs to come and work with me at the farm this spring. Here’s a sneak peek: 

  • Think yummy food and morning yoga
  • Think practical guides for building resilience
  • Think learning collaborative
  • In-person!
  • In community!
  • Friday all day & Saturday morning in wine country

With sheep and lazy labs! 

If you’re a physician or primary care provider and you’re interested in this experience that will transform how you practice medicine, reply with I’m IN and we’ll send you details.

Yep, if you’ve attended a previous retreat, you can still come. Yep, if you have no experience with my work, you can still come. But…this group will be SMALL, so let me know asap! 

Thank you – with compassion & kindness,

Dr. Amy