Celebrating Small Wins

Hey friends,

A year ago, my friend and I endeavored to write a book. We’ve been doing so much work, research and training about adversity, relational health and resilience that we wanted to share what we’ve learned along the way and create a path for others to do the same. This past Monday, we turned in the zillionth version of our chapters to our editor and took a big, elated sigh. Don’t congratulate me too soon. We still have another HUGE round of edits to do next June. Because when you write a book for the American Academy of Pediatrics, many people have to lay eyes on it. So after we turned in our work, it goes to our editors, then two policy committees. Whew! 

Nonetheless, when I turned in those chapters, I celebrated. It’s a huge step. I was working on my chapters in a little café in downtown Portland. I pressed “send” and sat back. Wow. We’re really doing this. In about 18 months, someone can buy a book I wrote. At a bookstore! And more people than just my mom will read it! Huge YAY!! I allowed myself to sit there and think about all of the little steps, meetings, drafts, research, typing, sacrifice of time and collaboration we’d engaged over the past year. That’s worth celebrating. 

Here’s my message to you: You might not feel accomplished today. But look back at the past year. We can see so much more talent, skill, growth and movement over a year than in a day or a week. Celebrate the wins! Celebrate the small steps in between the big ones. 

Did you grieve the loss of someone you love deeply this year?

Did you have a baby and watch him/her grow?

Did you change jobs?

Move homes?

Did you fight cancer?

Have you survived a breakup?

Celebrated a union or graduation or birthday?

Did you grow as a person in compassion, strength or empathy?

Celebrate your growth. Allow yourself to soak up the little steps in between the big ones. Have you ever cheered for the baby that takes its first, tiny steps? Of course, you have. We should celebrate the effort, the courage, and the progress – not just the outcome. 

As you look back on 2022 – tell me, what little celebrations do you have? What will you revel in?

Wishing you much peace and love during this holiday season. 

With compassion,

Dr. Amy