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Shaky cameras and great piano tunes

April 20, 2021

That darn Facebook time hop – who invented that thing? It gets me every time. My daughter dressed up as a princess, my son curled up with small Lego guys, my fiancé and I on first dates and me holding my kids close when they were tiny – all of these snippets that make up my life. And you know what’s on my time hop now? Reminders of how far we’ve come, how resilient all of us and have become. It’s showing me pictures of the beginnings of quarantined life, mask-wearing, distance learning and a new way of life.

I wanted to take a moment and remind all of you of your resilience and perseverance this year. You’ve shown up for yourselves, your kids, and asked for help even when it made you feel vulnerable. So, I want to say here’s to shaky cameras and piano tunes. And here’s what I mean when I say that:

Thanks for showing up for sessions in your cars, with shaky cameras and figuring out this whole zoom thing. For finding small spaces with privacy so we can chat.

Thanks for inviting me into your homes as I watch struggles over Wi-Fi, waffles and window glare. No need to keep apologizing for “all the mess” because I have it too.

Thanks for the concerts from my young clients as they play me piano tunes, violin concertos and sing to me – delighted to share another part of their lives.

Thank you for making sure cameras are off during 5 year-old potty-breaks, cameras are on for reluctant teens and sound is on for adults that walk and talk for optimal mental health.

Thank you for your patience with me as my kids need help in another room, I forget to send you the zoom link, or run l late because life during quarantine is hard for the client before you.

I hope you take moments to reflect on small wins. Showing up for yourself with shaky cameras and lots of patience has shown resilience. I appreciate you.

As we continue to figure out how to connect, allow room for support and navigate all of the craziness, I want you to know I think you’re amazing, inspiring, and show strength in incredible ways.

With appreciation & compassion,


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