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Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love Part 3

January 28, 2020


Let’s talk about “enoughness” as it applies to parenting and how we feel about ourselves as parents.
We receive SO many messages about the right way to parent our children. But what if I told you, you’re already enough? The bulk of parenting is simply about showing up. And I truly mean that!
You are enough for your child. When you show up at their games or activities, running late and distracted. Look at how your child lights up when he/she sees your face in the crowd. Not your perfect face with perfect hair and matching everything. Just you.
You are enough for your child. When dinner is take-out, but you eat together. When bedtime turns into tantrums and you want to pull out your hair. When you get store-bought cupcakes and don’t stitch together Halloween costumes. Enough doesn’t mean perfect.
You are enough for your child. When you drop them off at school with two other screaming children in the back of the car. You took the time out of your day and wanted to be a reassuring hug or last word before they enter into the world of school.
You are enough for your child. When you sit as they cry over school or relationships or not fitting in. Even when you don’t have answers. Even when your answers don’t seem sufficient to heal the pain. You were there and you listened.
You are enough for your child. When they scream angry words at you and you question your value as a parent. Remember, you’re the only safe person at times for your child to be angry with and providing that space is sacred and vulnerable. You are a sounding board and a safe place.
You are enough for your child every day. You have every ingredient that he/she needs to be comforted, secure and receive your unconditional love. Showing up matters – sweaty, food-in-your teeth, messy hair, rushed, overworked – no matter how you show up remember this: You’re the most important person in your child’s life.
You are enough.

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